Welcome to my little page on the internet.  There isn't much here at the moment but I'll populate it with stuff I found interesting on the net.   It will change a bit as I poplulate it.

Home Model Engine Machinist
Metal Illness
Practical Machinist
The Home Shop Machinist & Machinist's Workshop BBS

Pictures from 2009 Names Show
Pictures from 2008 Names Show
Pictures from 2007 Names Show

Not sure what model this is, picked it up from a usenet a.m.c. postiing by Gunner.
Gorton Pantograph Manual Cover
Gorton Pantograph Zipped

A couple other Gorton scans.


Sectional Drawing

Brown and Sharp 824 Micromaster Surface Grinder
Operator Manual
Parts Manual

Manual for Paragon S-7 Pottery Kiln. 

Tapers and Spindles
L Series Spindle Drawings

My first project from many years ago.  The manufactured and the DIY version.

A home made kant twist clamp